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The Human Programme

Awaken Your Reality

The Human Programme is a holistic and pioneering performance lifestyle programme designed to cultivate deeper human connection and optimisation through an enhanced understanding of the mind - body and functional medicine.

Once every 4-6 weeks, The Barn KT9 is home to The Human Programme's Social Wellness School. 

Replace your rest day with a guided ice bath, connect to yourself in a group meditation, and experience the flow state within our sound healing and movement sessions.

Their emphasis is on building a strong symbiotic relationship between mind and body, with mental health awareness at an all time high, The Human Programme holistic philosophy is designed to encourage individuals to find comfort in the discomfort, build mental resilience, remain calm under pressure, accept accountability all through skill base learning. 

We think that’s everything covered, however if there’s anything we’ve missed, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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