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Walking Routes from The Barn KT9

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to walking from The Barn. Whether keeping it local on Epsom Common, or venturing further afield into the North Downs, there are no bad options.

Rushett Farm is bisected with footpaths and bridleways running in all directions. You can leave the farmyard and walk for hours without seeing or hearing a car. Bliss.

There are over 100 miles of footpaths and bridleways criss-crossing Epsom and Ashtead Commons alone.

There are limitless options, here are some of our favourites.

Epsom & Ashtead Commons

The treeline on the southern edge of the fields, at the top of the 'hill' as you will see it, is Ashtead Common. The Common has a hard track around 3/4 of it's perimeter which is accessible 365 days a year which does not get muddy and is perfect for buggies and wheelchairs. Once you venture away from this track, there's a million more options.

The Great Stew Pond is a must see. A vast lake, always peaceful, quiet and home to an abundance of bird life. The still surface of the pond reflects the trees beautifully and is a great place to come at sunset.

Tucked away in the middle of the common is the site of the old Roman Villa. There's nothing to see in terms of ruins here any longer, but there is a lot of information on the site about what was discovered when the site was excavated in 1924.

If you head to The Wells corner of the Common, you will find the original Well where Epsom Salts were first extracted in the early 1600s. The water from these wells was thought to have magical healing powers, and people travelled from far and wide to come and drink from the well and take jugs back to their families. The local people started to put on horse races on the Downs in the afternoons to entertain the tourists, and this evolved into The Derby.

The North Downs & Box Hill

If you are after a little bit more of an adventure, the beautiful landscapes of the Surrey Hills and the North Downs are within easy reach. You can walk right from the farm into the heart of the Downs in just a couple of hours.

The top of Box Hill is just 14km away, around 3 to 4 hours of walking. Along the way you can take in Epsom Downs, Headley Heath, Stane Street and Mickleham Downs depending on the route you take.

The great thing about heading this way is that you can cheat and get the bus home. The 465 bus runs twice hourly from Dorking to Kingston and goes straight past the farm, you need bus stop 'Malden Rushett / The Shy Horse'. This means you can continue further into the North Downs, or stop for a well deserved pint or four after or during the walk and not worry about making it back home in time! The William IV pub on Mickleham Bends is a great option, as is the Running Horses.

Esher Common & Oxshott Heath

If you head west from the farm, you can cross the A243 at The Star pub and head into Princes Coverts, named after King Leopold I of Belgium who used the area as a shooting estate in the early 1800s. From here you can walk down towards Claygate, Arbrook Common and onto Esher Common.

Esher Common & Oxshott Heath have a web of lovely walking options, with the middle of the area around 5km away from the farm, so perfect for a 2-3 hour walk.

Oxshott village high street has a couple of great pit-stop options in the form of Surrey Hills Delicatessen and The Victoria pub. If you make it to Esher, be sure to stop in at G!ro for a coffee and a cake, it's the best for miles around.

Oxshott Heath is home to (possibly) the biggest sandpit in the south of England, below.

That's 3 of our favourite walking options. There's also Horton Country Park across the road, Epsom Downs, The River Mole and plenty more to keep you busy. Speak to any of us at the farm for more tips on where to go, and if you want digital copies/gpx files of any of the routes.

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