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Corporate Wellness
at The Barn KT9


Did you know that 55% of workers in the UK feel that work is getting more intense and demanding?

Looking after your employees’ wellbeing is more important than ever with the pace of today’s life.

It’s also undeniable that there’s a direct link between employee health

and a happy, productive workplace. 


That's where corporate wellness at The Barn comes in. 

Welcome to Corporate Wellness at The Barn KT9 


Set in Zone 6 and just 30 minutes from Central London, we offer a unique, rural oasis for your team to escape the hustle and bustle of the workplace and unwind.


Whether that’s letting off some steam with a team building Sports Day, led by our expert coaches and fuelled by incredible food, or a wellness retreat centred around our pillars of Mind, Body and Soul, we can tailor the day to your company’s needs and wants. 


With delicious local food truck catering options, the best coffee in town (well, we think so), a unique events space, a helipad and a team of health focused experts - we’ll work with you to create a company event like no other.

Please get in touch to plan your next bespoke event and prioritise your team’s wellbeing. 

Request a brochure

A member of our team will be in touch!

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