Food & Drink at The Barn KT9 

Access for food & drink @ The Barn is by foot and bicycle only currently. We have limited parking which is needed for classes in the gym, which is primarily mums with babies who we have to prioritise for safe and easy parking. 

We're still in the early stages here, so please bear with us for things like toilets, more seating and more food options, it's all in the pipeline.


Coffee & Cake

Summer 2022

Rockhill Brothers Coffee

Wed 9-2

Thu 9-2

Fri 9-2

Sat 9-3

Sun 9-3

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May 2022

Weekdays 5-8

Weekends 11-3

Sun 22nd - Grumpy Dumpling

Tues 24th - Doughboyz

Wed 25th - My Pie

Sat 28th - WeFumo

Sun 29th - Happy Hill Ktn

Tue 31st - Happy Hill Ktn

Wed 1st - Bocados

Fri 3rd - WeFumo

Tue 7th - Doughboyz