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Want to give us a go, but don't know where to start?

We offer 20 spaces a month for our 2-week discounted trials.

To find out more and grab yours just follow the link.


Whether you're looking for that endorphin hit from a heart-raising Boost circuit, to feel stronger with our signature UpLift classes, or to improve flexibility with yoga, we've got a class for you at The Barn KT9.




Book a class:
You can book directly via this page and/or you can also download the mobile app from App Store or Google Play to book from there as well.

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A bit about the gym

Founded by Em, our on site gym specialises in training women at any stage of life, including throughout pregnancy and postpartum.


This was simply because she felt that there was a real lack of classes that encourage women to continue lifting weights in pregnancy, educate new mums on how to get back into exercise properly and show women they can enjoy feeling stronger in body and mind through exercise.


However, that doesn't mean the classes are easy or not for everyone. In fact, exercise is incredibly important for women, keeping in mind hormonal and physical changes with the menopause.


The Barn KT9's boutique studio focuses on building women's strength and confidence through a range of classes, run by expert coaches who can ensure you have a great workout whether you're a beginner or more advanced.

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