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Our Trainers 

We’re fussy about who we have working at The Barn KT9 as we want to ensure you get the attention you deserve.


The majority of our trainers are pre and postnatal qualified. From menstrual cycles through to menopause, pelvic floors and pregnancy, they understand how to train as a woman as this is often missed in mainstream gyms.


With personal training, the clue is in the name, so all sessions will be tailored to your needs to get you to where you want to be, and beyond.


Plus, new mums, you’re more than welcome to BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) to make it easier to find time to train.

Head shot of Emily the co-founder

Em P

Be happier, healthier and stronger in life. Em turns exercise from something you have to do, into something you want to do through her tailored programming.


Founder of The Barn KT9, Em became a pre and postnatal specialist trainer after realising that this stage is grossly underserved. Too often trainers handle pregnancy with cotton wool and 1kg dumbbells and throw new mums straight into HIIT training after their 6 week check which shouldn’t be the case.


Plus, after becoming a mum herself, she understands the barriers to exercise and the keenness to “feel yourself again”.


Head shot of coachTori Mason

Tori M

Tori’s approach to training bridges the gap between prehab/rehab and working towards athletic goals. As a mom to 2 young boys and a former competitive athlete herself, she understands the drive women have to get back into exercise. She has been there, made the mistakes and became determined to find a way to better support women in this journey.

With a background in Exercise & Sport Science and years of experience coaching in the rehabilitation world, she decided to transition her professional career into working solely with pregnant and postpartum women.

Navigating fitness during this time can be confusing, intimidating, even frustrating. Tori focuses on education alongside building strength so that moving forward client’s feel confident returning to activities they love!

Coach Gemma at The Barn KT9

Gemma H

Gemma is a level 3 qualified personal trainer specialising in Pre and Postpartum programming and resistance training.


She utilises her knowledge to educate and motivate her clients and classes as they work together to achieve their goals.


Her passion for hockey also provides her with a strong foundation in sport specific training. Her enthusiasm is infectious! And although she may be small in stature; she’s big on impact! 

Coach Sarah at The Barn KT9

Sarah A

Sarah's love for Yoga has been around for a long time, but when  she moved to Sydney 4 years ago that passion grew and set her on the path to complete her 200hr teacher training in Bondi. More recently, whilst pregnant herself, she completed her prenatal and postnatal Yoga training and moved back to the UK.


Sarah leads her classes with warmth, kindness and support. Her intention in every class is to create a sequence that includes flowing movements, relaxation, intention and the odd challenging pose to drive focus and add some fun to the flow! 


Coach Evelyn Stevenson at The Barn KT9

Evelyn S

Evelyn is a Level 3 Personal trainer and Mum. She brings a wealth of experience in strength training with her having been a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and two-time British Champion. However over the last 5 years she has had a true focus on fitness for women at all stages in life. From up and coming athletes, to pre and postpartum. Evelyn is passionate about educating and empowering her clients with the knowledge, understanding of the importance of strength training and how to modify for every stage of life.

She recently contributed to U.K’s leading pre/postnatal specialist Jenny Burrells book ’Strength training’ and put many theories into practice throughout her own pregnancy.

Evelyn is also a British Weightlifting and Crossfit Coach, and teaches children functional fitness ranging from play through movement for toddlers to sport and fitness specific. She  looks forward to growing the kids fitness offering at The Barn KT9

Coach Avia at The Barn KT9

Avia P

Avia is a level 3 qualified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor and
Precision Nutrition health and nutrition coach with a scientific publishing
background. Her approach is to create an inclusive environment while making
sure you are working hard to reach your goals.

Having struggled to find somewhere to train during her pregnancy, Avia
qualified as a pre and postnatal trainer to support her fitness journey.
Other than chasing after her little girl, her passion is for indoor cycling and
paddle boarding. She looks forward to being part of The Barn KT9 team and
its ever-growing community.

Coach Charlotte at The Barn KT9

Charlotte T-M

After 12 years working in the fashion industry, Charlotte took a sabbatical in 2019 to take some time to focus on her passion in health and well-being.


She travelled to India to do her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and then went on to complete an additional 50 hours teacher training in Yin yoga.


During this time she also gained her Level 3 certificate in holistic massage so has a solid understanding of anatomy and correct form in exercise.

Charlotte has been so grateful to The Barn KT9 for being an incredible community to support her strength and wellbeing throughout her pregnancy and beyond. She’s honoured to be able to give some of this back by sharing her knowledge and expertise in class!

Shakira sound baths at The Barn KT9

Shikira W

Shikira has been hosting her popular Sound Baths and Full Moon Ceremonies in the hangar since 2021. She will take you on a sensory journey through her Temples to the Soul experiences through Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Holistic Healing, and through Ceremony.

Coach Cheryl at The Barn KT9

Cheryl T-A

Cheryl is an experienced teacher, trained in a broad variety of Yoga practices with a deep passion for it. In her yoga practices, she will endeavour to guide you through ancient yogic practices and wisdom to help you find a sense of calm in your modern life.

Coach Caroline Bragg at The Barn KT9

Caroline B

Caroline has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. She started by teaching classes in-between acting auditions and when her side hustle became more important to her than the auditions she switched to full time and has never looked back. She mainly works with Pre and Postnatal clients and is seen as an expert in the field having headed up the pre/postnatal side of Frame and is the master trainer for the pre/postnatal side of Alice Liveing's Give Me Strength app.

She believes that working towards making our body as functional as possible will allow us to move forward to achieve more specific goals. There is no point in being able to run 5k if you can't perform daily tasks like to bend over to pick up your toddler.


Function First, Frills second.

Coach Laura at The Barn KT9

Laura R

Laura is a mother to two girls, and came to exercise after the birth of her second daughter in 2011. She found training helped her take care of her two kids by becoming physically stronger and fitter, and also helped tackle her postnatal depression. Exercise created a space to feel happier, enjoy some headspace and do something truly for herself.


She’s found strength training ‘life changing’ and wants to bring it to a wider audience of women so they can reap the benefits like improved bone health, elevated moods and increased confidence. She also holds a Level 3 Award in Pre & Postnatal training and is passionate about the impact strength and fitness can have at all stages of a woman's life, including for women pre/postpartum and during menopausal transition.

Expect some high energy, fun classes with a killer soundtrack that will leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident.

Coach Saima at The Barn KT9

Saima H

Coach Saima and has been a personal trainer for 7 years. Her passion and purpose as a coach is to help empower individuals through fitness.


She helps her clients to be and feel strong mentally and physically. 

She has helped clients with weight loss goals, back pain, gym confidence, strength training and  mental health Illnesses

JennaPT (24 of 227_edited.jpg

Jenna D

Jen's health and fitness journey began over seven years ago in Australia, where she discovered her passion for strength training. Over the years, her dedication to personal growth led her to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer, honing her skills and expertise. With an unwavering commitment to her clients' health and wellness, Jen not only imparts knowledge but also instills a profound sense of confidence and resilience that transcends the gym and impacts their lives.


Jen's infectious enthusiasm for guiding individuals on their unique fitness journeys stems from her belief that the gym is more than a place for exercise—it's a sanctuary for personal growth and empowerment.


Now, she's excited to join the vibrant community at The Barn KT9, collaborating with fellow coaches to empower individuals on their journeys to strength, confidence, and personal development. 

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