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Weekday Night Escapes

Lady with cat looking at a sunset over a field
Outdoor firepit

Why Weekday Night Escapes?

Let's face it, you're probably bored of working from home. You might even miss your commute.


Fear not, we've got you covered.

The formula:

1. Ride out here from home/work (we're half an hour from Richmond Park)

2. Arrive and bask in a glorious sunset, maybe crack open a beer

3. Inhale a Doughboyz Calzone, they'll be here every Tuesday evening*

4. Relax round the firepit, maybe have another beer. Or two. BYOB, or there's an M&S at the end of the road

5. Stare at the stars

6. Have a lovely nights sleep in a beautiful bell tent on an actual bed

7. Wake up with the skylarks, enjoy the sunrise and a warm shower.

8. Grab a coffee from Rockhill Brothers from 7.30am

9. Wind your way back towards your home (or even actual) office for the most productive Wednesday of your life. 

10. Tell all your mates and book again for next week.

Every Tuesday or Wednesday from May 18th 2021

£100 per bell tent (based on 2 sharing a double)

Bivvying also allowed, from £10/pp (depending on how many households it adds on to the booking)


1. Why Tuesdays?

A few reasons. Wake up refreshed on 'humpday' to break up the working week nicely. Thursday's basically the weekend so it wouldn't quite be the same. Covid regs mean a 48hr gap between guests is recommended, so campers leaving on Sunday and Wednesday means Tuesday and Friday arrivals. The Calzone guys are available on Tuesdays. Nobody ever does anything else fun on Tuesdays. 

2. Is there bike parking?

You are welcome to have them in the tent with you, there is space. We're also working on a covered bike storage area which is still a work in progress. If you prefer, you can also leave them in a secure locked location which we can show you upon arrival.

3. Is it only accessible by bike?

No, you can walk too. Anything which isn't a car is allowed for TNEs. 

4. Can we join any of the other fun which The Barn KT9 has to offer?

Of course! Tuesday night is Uplift night with Em in the gym, a weights based class. We can also organise Yoga, Pilates or even a gong soundbath with enough warning. Shout with your requests and we'll see what we can do.

5. But Hillingdon World Champs and Palace Crits are on Tuesdays.

Yes we know. They are also awesome ways to spend yer Tuesday nights. 

*if Dougboyz are having a week off, Cock a Doodle Dough in Oxshott deliver absolute banging pizzas and rotisserie Chicken here too.


The best way to get here is on a gravel/cx/mtb which means you can skip the A243 out of the arrival process.

We're a 20km ride from Kingston Gate of Richmond Park via Esher which should take you about an hour. 

This route on Strava will do the trick - 20km grvl 

On the road is also great, but there's obviously a few cars to deal with, particularly around evening rush hour.

There's a fast way and a more scenic way.

Fast road route from Richmond Park - 12km 

Quieter road route from Richmond Park - 25km

We're 1 mile over Ashtead Common from Ashtead Station, or 2 miles down the road from Chessington South. 

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