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A coffee lover's guide

Updated: May 5

Unsure if you’re a Flat White kind of person or a Latte lover? Keen to try a new coffee but not sure where to start? Order a Cappuccino everyday but not actually sure how it’s made? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of coffee on our menu. 

A typical coffee consists of:

  • Espresso

  • Steamed milk 

  • Foam 

The difference between each coffee is based on how the above 3 ingredients are used. 

1. Espresso 

All of our Barista coffee drinks are based on a double shot of Chimney Fire Coffee’s Brazilian Signature Espresso. The double shot is 40g (1.5oz) of espresso extracted from 19g of finely ground beans which should take 30 seconds to pull. This golden ratio keeps the shots consistent and delicious as the base for all our drinks and is the key to great espresso.

2. Flat White 

Our biggest selling hot drink , originating in Sydney, the Flat White is traditionally a 5oz, shorter drink which we serve as a 6oz coffee. The smaller amount of milk is designed to make it a thinner drink with less foam and a stronger taste than a latte, and a more intense blend in the flavour from the milk and espresso combined. When you add perfectly steamed milk to our Brazilian beans, it tastes just like a melted Snickers, and a Flat White is the best way to experience this. Despite what some high street chains may lead you to believe,  a large flat white isn’t something which technically exists, that drink then becomes a latte.

3. Americano 

The Americano is one part coffee and two parts hot water. The water dilutes the espresso but still maintains a high level of caffeine. An Americano can be drunk black, or a dash of milk can be added to dilute it further. Did you know that this type of coffee is thought to have originated during WW2 when soldiers would add water to their coffee to extend their rations?!

4. Long black

Enjoy a double espresso topped up with a little hot water. Similar in style to the Americano it originates from Australia and New Zealand. A Long Black can also be drunk black or with a dash of milk. 

5. Lattes & Cappuccinos

Our Lattes and Cappuccinos have a lot in common. Both can be enjoyed as either an 8oz or 12oz drink, with Cappuccinos having a slightly lighter foam on top, with the option of a sprinkle of chocolate on top to finish it off.


6. Mocha

The Mocha is a coffee and hot chocolate blend - the perfect coffee for chocaholics. It is made like a latte, with 15g of our delicious Islands Hot Chocolate Powder melted into the double espresso before the milk is poured. 

7. Iced Coffee

Perfect for the warmer months, our iced lattes are served in 12oz cups, with cold milk poured over ice before a double shot is added on top. You can also have an iced Americano or Flat White, and they are popular drinks to add syrups to for an extra level of flavour, we love the Hazelnut option!

You can find out more about our Chimney Fire Espresso Blend here, and our lovely baristas will always be happy to share some of their coffee expertise with you. Check out our most popular drinks from 2023:

Come and say hello! 

Why not change up your coffee order this month?! Our Cafe is open 7.45am-2pm on weekdays and 8am-3pm on weekends, we hope to see you soon! 

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