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End of an Era

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

And just like that, we’re almost a week into February and slowly working through our to do list.

You may have noticed recently that Charlie has been fairly busy out by the shipping container near the cafe as this year is a big one for us. Not only because we’ve got lots of activity going on, but also because after two years of probably the best coffee in Surrey, Sean & Jamie, aka Rockhill Brothers, are leaving us at the end of this month.

They took a chance on an Instagram message from us in February 2021 when we said we were looking to trial coffee at the farm for at least a month in conjunction with Olive’s Tipi.

With their business being focused on wholesale with roasting their signature blends, however when lockdown struck, they had bought their trailer and been at local markets and at the time were looking for a pitch.

It was a gamble selling coffee in an empty field on a footpath that probably saw about 20 walkers a day at the time, however with Olive’s Tipi, we thought it was worth giving it a shot.

We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have them after that first sip of coffee.

They were REALLY good (as we’re sure you all know).

A few days in, suddenly the local Facebook groups lit up with news of a new coffee shop on Ashtead Common.

The crowds grew as the weeks went on.

Even two years later, we’re still getting new people here today.

Their team grew with hiring Izzy (& Oreo) in July 2021 who became the face of Rockhill Brothers at The Barn KT9, while Sean and Jamie continued to work on the business as lockdowns lifted and it became more business as usual. Last summer saw their latest hire of Poppy who has become part of the team since then.

With life being more business as usual and people going back into the office, it’s been a little harder for the customer facing side of their business that was set up in lockdown while their wholesale business has grown and grown due to the popularity of their product and with you all wanting to continue to support them.

After two fabulous years, it’s been a collective decision to look back on the incredible journey and give them the time and space to focus on continuing to grow their primary business.

In the past two years, Rockhill Brothers have been a huge part of the story of The Barn KT9 as a lot of you wouldn’t know anything about us if it wasn’t for their coffee bringing you here. They’ve also been a big part of the local community, with familiar faces catching up over flat whites and dogs knowing there’s a Pawfect Treat if they head down the hill.

We've got a hard act to follow in terms of keeping you fuelled for gym sessions and warm on your dog walks, but rest assured, maintaining the A1 standard of coffee is our top objective as we take over the running of the cafe.

There’ll be a bit of a transitional period during March, however stay tuned for our launch at the beginning of April with a new covered area, new seating area and the same incredible views.

We’d really appreciate your support in this changeover and also to give Sean, Jamie and the team the huge send off they deserve on their last day on Sunday 26th February.

As always, our inbox is open for any questions.

Have a lovely day,

Em, Charlie & Olive xxx

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2 comentarios

Will you still be serving Rockhill coffee?

Me gusta
Charlie Woodall
Charlie Woodall
02 mar 2023
Contestando a

Hi there. To start with we're now working with Chimney Fire Coffee, another brilliant small local roastery. They're based at Denbies and the coffee is sensational. Once Rockhill are up and running in their new roastery on Ranmore Common we're hoping to be able to use them as a guest espresso or similar.

Me gusta
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