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Put employee wellbeing at the top of your list

Did you know that 55% of workers in the UK feel that work is getting more intense and demanding? Looking after your employees’ wellbeing is more important than ever with the pace of today’s life.

The Global Pandemic saw huge lifestyle and cultural shifts as we moved in and out of lockdown, in and out of the office, on and off of Zoom. Thankfully life as we once knew it has resumed, but employees have realised that they don’t need to waste hours commuting, that they can enjoy a better work life balance, they can pick up their kids from childcare guilt free, or be logged off in time for dinner - and they want this better work-life balance to stay.

With lockdown behind us, many of us are still readjusting as we journey out of that slower paced life and into the ‘normal’ world. It’s also been noted that 55% of workers in the UK* feel that work is getting more intense and demanding. This coupled with the pressures of modern life means that many people are experiencing stress, burnout and anxiety.

That means employers need to step up and bring make their employee’s wellbeing a business priority.

Don’t underestimate your employees.

They know what they want and they know when they want it. Since the pandemic employees have found their voices - right now, they are speaking up about what matters to them and vocalising their wants and needs. If their current employer doesn’t meet that, then they’ll find one that does.

This means that it’s more important than ever for employers to consider mental health and wellbeing to not only retain their existing workforce, but to attract new employees too. A high pay-check will no longer cut it, employees are prioritising a healthy work-life balance, their mental health and having a meaningful job.

Organisations with happy employees thrive.

Taking the time to prioritise the health and wellbeing of your workforce will have a direct, positive effect on your business.

A happy workforce is more likely to be productive, loyal, efficient, motivated which will all lead to better business output. Turnover costs will reduce, you’ll get great people applying to work for you, fewer mistakes will be made, and workplace culture will be second to none.

It’s time to champion wellness.

Many businesses across the UK are weaving wellness in the workplace into their annual strategic priorities. And no, some money behind the bar at Friday drinks isn’t going to tick that one off the list.

It’s got to be more than that. As I scoured the web doing my research it seems that many employers are considering or implementing the following (to name a few):

  • Work from home days

  • Flexi working hours

  • Work autonomy

  • Health and wellbeing schemes

  • Mental health support

  • Walking meetings

  • Healthy snacks in the office

  • Standing desks

  • Corporate wellness retreats

Here at The Barn KT9 we love that last bullet point! We believe that exercise and mind-body connection are the key ingredients for wellness. That’s why we designed our Corporate Wellness experience. To give your employees the chance to let off some steam, connect with one another, enjoy some good food, and spend time outside in nature.

Welcome to Corporate Wellness at The Barn KT9 

 Set in Zone 6 and just 30 minutes from Central London, we offer a unique, rural oasis for your team to escape the hustle and bustle of the workplace and unwind.


Whether that’s burning some energy with a team building Sports Day, led by our expert coaches and fuelled by incredible food, or a wellness retreat centred around our pillars of Mind, Body and Soul, we can tailor the day to your company’s needs and wants. 


With delicious local food truck catering options, the best coffee in town (well, we think so), a unique events space, a helipad and a team of health focused experts - we’ll work with you to create a company event like no other.


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