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Why the campsite is car-free

We get a lot of requests for campervans, roof-mounted tent boxes and other vehicle-based camping here at The Barn KT9. Our campsite is now a completely car-free zone, and here's why.

We've dabbled with a few different approaches to this issue. In 2020, we allowed driving right up to the pitches, with each pitch having an allocated parking space in the field next to the tent. This unearthed our first issue quite quickly when a dad decided our empty field was a good place for their 12 year old's first ever driving lesson.

In 2021, before the gate went in on the campsite, we allowed campers to drive to their pitch to drop tents and belongings off before parking off-site in the main car park. This setup highlighted a couple more issues. The first was a parent who managed to reverse into and break their own tent whilst their child was inside, and the second was a car being hit by a frisbee having driven past a family playing on another part of the site.

And that was that.

As we can often have up to 10 different families arriving at and using the campsite at different times, and for different purposes, we have to prioritise the safety and enjoyment of those on the campsite above all else. We want you to be able to arrive here and throw a frisbee around in the campsite without worrying about being run over. As we have a lot of long grass and no lighting on the campsite, the whole area is also effectively one big blind-spot.

For 2024, we have a new fleet of wheelbarrows to add to the red trolley to help you get your things to the pitches.

We may work out a solution in the future which allows us to accommodate campervans into the existing setup, but for now it's not possible here at The Barn KT9.

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