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Pilates & 

Although our main focus is strength (UpLift), we understand the importance of taking things at a slower, less intense pace.

For example, yoga has been proven to improve symptoms of PMS and reduce the intensity and frequency of hot flashes in peri and postmenopausal women.

Whether you're pregnant, a new mum or simply looking to calm your mind in yoga or feel the Pilates ab burn, we've got something for you.

two ladies doing yoga by a tractor

Vinyasa Flow

Flow with the breath through a dynamic 50 minute Yoga practice.


You'll enjoy a class that includes fluid movements, relaxation, intention and the odd challenging pose to drive focus and add some fun to the flow!


These classes, led by Sarah, are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced Yogi.

three ladies doing yoga

Yin Yoga

A slow, restorative yoga class where the floor-based postures are held for 3-5 minutes whilst focusing on calming, deep breathing.


Expect stress to melt away with long stretches that release tension.

a coach helping a client ina. yofga pose

Dynamic Flow

Dynamic Flow takes you from yang to yin.

An energetic yoga flow to build flexibility, stamina and strength whilst linking breath to movement.


After building heat in the body, wind down with some floor-based Yin postures.



three ladies doing yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Connecting with your bump and breath in pregnancy yoga

Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, our pregnancy Yoga classes can help to relieve pregnancy symptoms, strengthen the body in preparation for birth, cultivate confidence and calm and form a connection with your baby.


Led by Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Sarah, each class will be tailored to whatever stage of pregnancy you're in. As a new mum herself Sarah aims to lead these classes with kindness, honesty and authenticity. Enjoy breathing and meditation techniques, practice birthing poses and meet other mums-to-be as you move through this very special journey of becoming a mother.


Please bring a mat with you to your practice.

postnatal yoga coaching

Postnatal Yoga

Stretch and breathe with your little one.


With poses adapted for postpartum recovery, our mum and baby class combines BOTH postnatal and baby yoga, to ensure both mum and baby leave the class feeling stretched, revived and relaxed.


Suitable for mums who are 9 weeks post birth and for babies up to 1 year in age.


Our 50 minute mum and baby classes are led by Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Sarah. As a new mum herself Sarah aims to lead these classes with kindness, honesty and authenticity.

pilates outside in a hangar


From beginner to advanced, this class is suitable for every body

The aim in this Pilates class is to improve core strength, posture and flexibility.


It will challenge and work your core muscles but expect a full body workout!

postnatal pilates outside in a hangar

Postnatal Pilates

A specifically designed Pilates for new mums where you can BYOBaby

Postnatal Pilates will ease you back into fitness safely and effectively.

Helping you build up your core muscles and help you reconnect postpartum.


Also, a great opportunity to meet other mums and babies!

prenatal pilates outside in a hangar

Prenatal Pilates

Support your body through pregnancy with prenatal Pilates

This class will work to support your body in the changes it is going through. It aims to maintain body alignment, core stability and pelvic placement, helping release tension and reduce back pain. It will ensure you are in a better place for your labour and postpartum recovery, helping you to feel stronger in pregnancy.

Advised for second and third trimester, but all welcome.


Please bring your own mat or let us know beforehand if you need to borrow one for the class.


Sound Baths

Shikira sound baths at the barn kt9

Sound Bath

You're Invited to the opening of a Sound Temple! A sacred space to journey into the realm of sound frequencies & expanded states of consciousness.

The Sound Temple is a place where you can tap into your inner peace & wisdom, For self care, tranquility, self inquiry & personal growth. Its purpose is to offer sound as a therapy for healing, mental & emotional support & spiritual well-being through stillness & the magic of sound creation.

Fully relax & immerse yourself into the healing power of the Gongs, the soothing & nurturing renascence of the singing bowls, voice alchemy and many other sound frequencies to all dance & flow through your senses as you journey into your inner world.

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